logo epa with slogantrans471x111pxWhat is EPA?

EPA is a politically independent non-profit European organization according to European law (asbl), based in Brussels.

EuroConsults represents the german part of the EPA.

The use of innovative information and communication technologies is a distinctive characteristic of this leading cooperation network dedicated to the European projects stakeholders EPA is a recognized innovative actor at the European level as a point in which knowledge and experience meet to create an ideal multimedia environment for the development of European projects.

Its mission is to provide all information, networking, services and tools needed to improve the participation in EU funded projects to achieve higher capacity of absorption of EU funding. EPA is achieving this mission through some objectives.

What are the objectives?
  • to increase the effects of EU policies using EU funding instruments
  • to make the best use of good practices
  • to improve capacity of EU funds absorption
  • to promote new partnerships
  • to work at local level through Territorial Contact Points
  • to broaden the knowledge and understanding of the European Union and the process of European integration, giving an easier access to the information and the possibilities offered by EU institutions
What are the activities?
  • European Project Intelligence System
EPA manages a multimedia platform that enables the dissemination of EU policies and projects as well as a sharing expertise for EU stakeholders.
  • Educational programmes
EPA collaborates with European Academy for Education and Social Research by providing training courses in EU funds management.
  • Professional Improvement Program
EPA gives through this programme some opportunities to a selected number of students and graduates by granting them internships to improve their knowledge of European funding and project development
  • European Projects Awards
EPA organizes this initiative to reward the best projects in the 13 categories represented on MyEuropa’s Working Groups.
  • EU projects implementation
EPA collaborates with its territorial contact points or other partners in the implementation of projects funded by EU.
  • European Projects Accelerator
The European Projects Accelerator is a platform that enables and empowers clients to effectively access the European grants, improve their performances in European project building and management and improve their effective policy and lobby initiatives.

More Informations about EPA find here:  European Projects Association (EPA)

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