Wir bei EuroConsults sind ein dynamisches Team von Mitarbeiter*innen, teilweise in fester Anstellung, teilweise als freie Mitarbeiter*innen oder auch durch die Europäische Union finanzierte Praktikant*innen und Assistent*innen (ERASMUS+, GRUNDTVIG, Leonardo da Vinci, etc.).

the lecturer

Unsere Dozent*innen sind überwiegend bei uns fest angestellte Berater*innen zu EU-Fördermitteln und Projektmanager*innen in EU-Projekten.
Darüber hinaus haben wir unser Team verstärkt um weitere externe Dozent*innen, die unser Portfolio ideal ergänzen.

Michael Seidler

 foto seidler 2014 200x325px   Michael Seidler is CEO of EuroConsults and Speaker

He studied culture and has more than 24 years’ experience in project management and funds acquisition on local, national and European level. In particular in the field of education, youth, culture, social, research, sport, civil society, towns twinning and SMEs.
He started working “European” at the beginning of the 90’s within the European youth exchange, the development of Eurodesk in the new German Bundesländer and first European projects, for example in 1992 in Thessaloniki (GR).
He has since then initiated and successfully managed several EU projects. He acquired experience in five funding periods and is recognized as assessor from the European Commission. With his team he has acquired more than 19 Million Euro until today.

He has been active in trainings and seminars in many EU countries and has been founder of different European networks and associations.

Focus Points: everything concerning EU fundraising and EU funding programmes

Languages:    de German  uk English

Dörte Bieler

Dörte Bieler von EuroConsults   EU-Grants Consultant and Projectmanager, Coach

she is responsible for the Praxisweek of “Advanced Vocational Training for an EU-Fundraiser| Project Manager”.

Furthermore, she supports and coordinates projects in the initial and planning phase till the deadline and submission of the proposal.

Languages:    de German  uk English

Andy Stirnal

Foto Andy Stirnal   Funding advisor and trainer in public relations and communication

He studied politic and communication in Strasburg, Paris and Berlin. He has been active in the field of creative culture in Berlin and lived in Brussels 3 years, where he was active in the field of interests representation and funding for economy with a focus on security and research.

Back in Berlin, he has conceived several conferences related to economical themes and has been working as free-lance for a European magazine.

Languages:    de German  uk English  fr French

Luca Driussi

 Driussi Luca256x256   Lecturer and Consulter

He studied Political science at the Sapienza University in Rome and completed a master in “European Studies” at the Viadrina University in Frankfurt-Oder (Germany) with focus on EU politic.

He is certified fundraiser and has experience applying in diverse funding programmes. He is responsible for E-Learning, consulting for customer and acquisition of funds.

Languages:   it Italian  fr French  de German  uk English

Dr. Kamila Schöll Mazurek

Frau Dr. Kamila Mazurek-Schöll  

Speaker and formerly GRUNDTVIG-Assistant at EuroConsults

she has a chair within the Jean Monnet Programme at the Europa University Viadrina and coordinates several EU funded projects. She also works for the Federal Foreign Office in the programme “Science for democracy.

    European funding, EU funding strategies.

Languages:    de German  pl Polnish

Dr. Clara Schlichtenberger

 Dr. Clara Schlichtenberger  

Dozentin zum EU-Projektmanagement 

Dr. Clara Schlichtenberger promovierte in Sozialwissenschaften und war als Kuratorin im Museumsbereich tätig. Seit einiger Zeit engagiert sie sich als Consultant für Fundraising und Projektmanagement bei internationalen kulturellen Projekten und für Museen.

In 2014 zertifizierte sie sich als EU-Fundraiserin und EU-Projektmanagerin.

Languages:    de German  uk English

Andreas Klisch

Andreas Klisch - Referent bei EuroConsults  

Speaker in Social Media

He works since more than 10 years in the high school Potsdam and has also other activities in different German activities in the field of Online-Marketing and more in particular regarding the Social Medias.  

By EuroConsults he is responsible within the trainings for the different possibilities for EU funding provided by the Web and also for what concerns Social Media and public relations in EU Projects.

Interests:  Social media analysis and strategies, planning and implementation of online marketing scenarios, development, organization and supervision of optimization processes in the online communication.

Languages:    de German  uk English

Sabine Grützmacher

Sabine Gruetzmacher  

Speaker for ESF - Seminars

She has a degree as social education worker. Her work focus are gender and diversity management.

She has a several years’ experience in funding acquisition and funded projects coordination (i.e. BiWAQ, Gleichstellen, Perspektive Wiedereinstieg, BBNE, EHAP) for the “Frauennetzwerk zur Arbeitssituation” and since 2015 for the VSB gGbmh (educational institution in Nord Rhine Westphalia)

Languages:    de German  uk English

European Fundraising Academy

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